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At Rowe Architects we create the highest quality architectural visualisations, artist impressions and photo realistic computer generated images (CGI’s), also known as 3D computer renders.

The need for Computer Generated Images (CGI) is becoming increasingly more important for designers to be able to accurately reflect their designs to clients, planners and the general public to allow them to visualise what the designs will look like when completed.  They play a vital role in many areas of architecture such as concept design, planning, marketing imagery or when marketing a project for sale or raising capital. 

Using the latest CGI technologies and advanced computer software it allows Rowe Architects to create the highest quality CGI’s that are difficult to distinguish from real life photography.  3D CGI’s allows the ability for decision makers to visualise exactly what the development will be, removing potential harm caused when schemes are inaccurately interpreted.  High quality CGI helps in gaining important and influential support for projects that are particularly complex or challenging sites.